Distributors Using WebCasst

Companies that distribute on-site wastewater systems equipment can use our complete solution in the management and tracking of the on-site wastewater systems which they distribute.

Distributors can enter new system records for on-site wastewater systems equipment that they have acquired from one or more manufacturers. The new record can be created by simply specifying the Brand Name and Manufacturer and entering the Serial Number of the system. These new system records will then be shown as inventory systems.

Distributors can specify the installation company or even system owner to which they sold the on-site wastewater systems equipment. Specifying the purchasing entity makes the system record immediately available to the specific entity.

Distributors also gain access to on-site wastewater system records where they have been designated as the Distributor of that system by another entity using CASST 3.

Distributors can track and review the maintenance and regulatory compliance issues related to each available system record as that record is updated by other entities related to that system.