Standard CASST 3 Features
bullet A client/server application uniquely designed for use by all entity types involved in the on-site wastewater industry
bullet A powerful but very straight-forward and user friendly interface
bullet Data stored in the cloud (SQL Server database)  
bullet Data automatically backed up twice daily  
bullet Access to records based on entity having a relationship to system  
bullet Eliminates redundant data entry by utilizing one-record data access from the cloud
bullet Completed inspection reports are immediately and automatically available to other entities linked to the same system with no additional data entry or importing being required  
bullet Track multiple systems at one property address
bullet List multiple owners, both past and present  
bullet Specify detailed system design information  
bullet Track changes and/or replacement of equipment per system over the life of the system.  
bullet Link multiple graphic type files to one system  
bullet Track service calls separate from scheduled inspection visits  
bullet Multiple filtering and sorting capabilities to quickly locate specific records  
bullet Communicate with other system related entities electronically  
bullet Ability to complete inspection reports using a web browser (internet connection required)  
Add-on Features Available for CASST 3
bullet Pump-out management module  
bullet “Billable” items list module  
bullet “Sponsoring” of maintenance providers (available for regulator uses only)  
bullet Cloud storage of graphic images including selective sharing of each image with other related entities