Installation Companies Using WebCasst

Companies that perform the actual installation of on-site wastewater systems equipment can use our complete solution in the management and tracking of the on-site wastewater systems which they install.

These installation companies, using CASST 3, can create new system records by providing a property address and zip code which also designates the City and State. In depth detailed information can then be provided as needed.

An installation company type entity using CASST 3 can gain access to on-site wastewater system records created by other entity types using CASST 3. The designating the specific installation company as the installation company by another entity using CASST 3 makes the system record available to the specified installation company.

The installation company can specify other entities related to the system record, including the Brand Name and Manufacturer, the regulatory authority and even create a service contract where the service provider can be designated. Making these designations by the installation company will make the system record available to the other designated entities.