Manufacturers Using WebCasst

Companies that actually manufacture on-site wastewater systems can use our complete solution to the management and tracking of the on-site wastewater systems which they have manufactured.

Manufacturers using CASST 3 can create a record of each on-site wastewater system as they are manufactured. Multiple Manufacturers Brand Names can be tracked. These new systems will then show as currently available in inventory. Then when a specific system is sold the manufacture would then simply go to the appropriate place in CASST 3 and identify the specific entity to which the system was sold by selecting the correct entity by name.

Once the manufacturer has identified the entity to which a system was sold, that immediately makes that system available to the identified entity for additional data entry about the system.

Example: Manufacturer “A” is using CASST 3. A new system is manufactured and added to the inventory of Manufacturer “A” by simply entering the Brand Name and Serial Number of the new system. In a few days, Distributor “A”, who also is using CASST 3, calls Manufacturer “A” and purchases this new system. Manfuacturer “A” locates the specific new system record by searching for the Serial Number. When the system record has been located, Manufacturer “A” selects “Distributor A” from the “Distributors” list of distributors with whom Manufacturer “A” has defined as distributors with whom they are associated. By selecting Distributor “A” the manufacturer has just made the record of the specific new system available to Distributor “A” in CASST 3.

Manufacturers using CASST 3 also get the benefit of having access to information about all on-site wastewater systems manufactured by them and entered into CASST 3. Each on-site wastewater system record where the specific manufacturer is identified makes that system record available to the identified manufacturer that is using CASST 3.

Manufacturers can track and review the maintenance and regulatory compliance issues related to each available system record as that record is updated by other entities related to that system.