Regulators Using WebCasst

Regulatory authorities that have been designated to enforce regulations imposed on the installation and use of on-site wastewater systems can use our complete solution in the management issues, maintenance issues and tracking of compliance issues of the on-site wastewater systems that they regulate.

These regulatory authorities using CASST 3 can create new system records by providing a property address and zip code which also designates the City and State. In depth detailed information can then be provided as needed.

Regulator authorities can also gain access to on-site wastewater systems entered by other types of entities using CASST 3. Access to the on-site wastewater system records is accomplished when the regulator is designated as the regulatory authority with jurisdiction over the system.

Regulatory authorities using CASST 3 and licensed to use the “Sponsored Entities” add-on module have the ability to designate specific service providers as “sponsored entities”. Being designated as a “sponsored entity” provides the service provider with login credentials which allow designated users associated with that entity to login to WebCasst, locate a specific system record and complete an inspection record at no additional cost to the “sponsored entity”.

One of the primary benefits automatically received by regulatory authorities using CASST 3 is the ability to have immediate access to completed inspection records completed by service providers using CASST 3, sponsored entities using WebCasst or by another entity type using CASST 3 when the service provider of record is not a registered user of CASST 3 or a sponsored entity using WebCasst.

Regulatory authorities using CASST 3 also have the ability to actually complete inspection records when the designated service provider is not a registered user of CASST 3 or designated as a “sponsored entity”.