Service Providers Using CASST 3 and WebCasst

Companies that provide services which include regularly scheduled inspection visits and maintenance of on-site wastewater systems can use our complete solution for the scheduled inspection tracking and maintenance management of the on-site wastewater systems for which they have a contract for service.

These service providers, using CASST 3, can create new system records by providing a property address and zip code which also designates the City and State. Extremely detailed information about each system can then be provided as needed. During the process of data entry, a service contract can be created with the currently logged in service provider being designated as the service company.

A service provider type entity, using CASST 3, can gain access to on-site wastewater system records created by other entity types using CASST 3. The designating of the specific service provider as the Service Company by another entity using CASST 3 makes that system record available to the specified service provider.

The service provider can specify other entities related to the system record, including the Brand Name and Manufacturer, the regulatory authority and even create a service contract where the service provider can be designated. Making these designations by the service provider will make the system record available to the other designated entities.

Registered service provider type entities also automatically gain access to WebCasst, a website where users with the necessary credentials can login, locate system records and complete inspection records as needed. These service providers can define multiple users with various roles including inspectors. Each of the users associated with the registered service provider also have access to the WebCasst website.

The service provider can complete scheduled as well as extra inspection records for all system records where they are the designated service provider. The service provider can also create and manage “service calls” and any required inspection reporting related to the service calls.

Additional add-on options are available to Service provider type entities. Service providers that provide a pumping service and elect to subscribe to use the “Pump-out Scheduling” module which provides users with the ability to schedule, dispatch and complete data entry about the pump-out of various systems. Service providers can also elect to subscribe to use the “Billable Items” module. This add-on allows users to create a list of billable items that have been used for repair of systems during inspection visits.